MAVENPICK 4 x 6-Feet Non-Slip Rug Underlay Pad 2 Pack, for Hard Floors, Different Size Options Available Price: $15.99 (as of 11/26/2021 17:57 PST- Details)

【PREMIUM QUALITY】– Made of a highly durable, odourless material that is easy to clean, designed for heavy use and will last for many years. It can be used for all types of floors, and is heat-resistant, making it suitable for homes with under-floor heating.
【ULTRA STRONG HOLD】– Using a specially developed anti-slip technology, the mats grip onto the floor, but do not adhere to it. Therefore eliminating the risk of tripping or falling when a rug slips.
【NO MORE CREASES】– The mats connect the floor and rug in such a way that your rug will lie flat and crease-free. This makes vacuuming a lot easier.